Julie Jones-Perez

Happily Married Mom of 6 – Freelance Writer – Blogger – Real Estate Agent – Foodie – Antiquer

Hi all, thanks for visiting my beauty blog! A little about me… I am a busy
mama of SIX! We are the modern-day Brady Bunch, 3 boys and 3 girls blended together. My kids are my world y’all! Out of all the things I could be, what I wanted most was to be a mom, and God sure has blessed me with the most awesome bunch of crazies! I love spending time with my family. We are loud, fun, and with six kiddos, there’s never a dull moment! My beautiful chaos ❤️

When we’re not wrangling up the kids, hubs and I like to spend time
together. We are foodies and love finding new fun places to eat at and enjoy local live music. Antique shopping is another one of our favorite hobbies. We appreciate the history and story behind good finds. The Hollywood Regency style from the “Golden Era” seems to be our favorite. Our home is slowly being filled with these lovely vintage pieces. Checking out neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants on our little adventures also helps broaden my scope on other towns, which is helpful because I’m also a real estate agent.

Okay, so why am I here? Well… I have a passion for writing and have had this itch since I was a little girl. I became a freelance writer several years ago and have done contract work for various companies here and there throughout those years. I’ve written everything from articles to blogs, web content, social media, marketing material, resumes; my list goes on…  I have always been addicted to beauty; makeup, hair, nails, skincare, just all the glitz, and glam so I decided to do what I love and blog about all things related to beauty.

Visit my beauty playground and get inspired!