Bun Tutorial

Source: Jamie L. Vandenberg

This is one of my favorite messy buns! Unfortunately, all of us can’t be as blessed as Jamie to have that beautiful thick hair. Yes, you can follow her instruction for thin hair and still get a cute bun, but it won’t look quite like hers. If you’re like me and want a fuller bun, but your tresses are a bit too thin, I feel you! I too have fine hair. However, they have tricks for beauties like us too. Check out these inexpensive hair accessories!

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2021-2022 Hairstyles

Searching for the right hairstyle?

Sometimes ya just get bored with your same ole’ locks. So, if you’re looking for a change or you’re just curious to see what’s hot, I’ve got you! After some research, I’ve listed 10 of the top trending styles of 2021 amd 2022. Have fun scrolling through, even if these new trends aren’t for you.

Feel free to leave me comments on your favs. I love hearing from you!

Hair by: Aleksandr Stebunov

  1. Shag with bangs

The shag was created by barber Paul McGregor in the ’70s. There are many variations, but layers and texture are a must! Jennifer Aniston had a revamped version called, ‘The Rachel’ that became popular in the 90’s. You know you took your FRIENDS picture to the hairstylist and said, I wanna look like Rachel!

Hair by: Alex Vivar

2. Mullet

Oh yes, the mullet is back, baby! Celebrities such as; Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and many more have made appearances sporting their version of a more modern mullet. I kinda love it!

Hair by: worldofbraiding

3. Braids

I don’t think braids can ever go outta style! They are fun, classy, and can be worn for any occasion. We have French braids, fishtails braids, ladder braids, twisted braids, you name it, it’s another trending style.

Source: NothingbutPixies

4. Pixie

Short hair is definitely trending! There are so many variations of pixie cuts, and I just LOVE the fun you can have with them. Too many people think they can’t pull off a pixie, but in my eyes, you’re wrong! The trick is to find a stylist who is more experienced with short hairstyles. They tend to pay close attention to face shapes and will direct you into a short style that is more fitting for you.

Source: One More Hair

5. Blunt Lob

A blunt lob can vary in length, but one thing remains, the cut should have no layers. It looks AMAZING when you wear it bone straight and really show off your stylist’s talent. It’s fresh, sleek, and oh so classy!

Source: goldennn_xo

6. Curls

I’m so happy to see curls made it on the list of top trending styles of 2021 and 2022. All 3 of my daughters have the most beautiful curly hair. Yet, once upon a time, they’ve all wished they didn’t have their coiled locks. Meanwhile, I would switch hair in an instant!

Source: chandraleeg

7. Vibrant Colors

Oh, how I LOVE the bold bright colors trending this year! Sometimes you just wanna splash of color instead of your same ole’ same ole’ tresses. One of the top hair dyes for rainbow hues is Arctic Fox (it’s vegan & cruelty free). Click the pic to see the colors. You can also mix them to create your own original tint.

Source: anthonycuts

8. Asymmetrical Lob

Unlike the blunt lob, the asymmetrical lob has lots of layers and is angled longer on one side. This look is edgier and has been seen on many celebs such as; Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, Kerry Washington, Julia Roberts, and more…

Source: natalieannehair

9. Short Wavy Bob

Well, I guess we can tell short hair is in! The short bob makes the list, but 2021 and 2022 is all about texture, so we’re throwing in some waves. So, what’s the difference between a bob and a lob? Since both hair cuts have many variations, the lob is a longer version of a bob. The hair is cut at the shoulder or a little below.

Ranked one of the top wavers, Bed Head Wave Artist makes my GaGa for it list!

Source: hairbyallybarone

10. Curtain Bangs

Last, but definitely not least is curtain bangs. I’ve probably seen this style the most so far this year. Everyone is loving the part down the middle with the bangs flipping outwards from the face look. It’s very ’70s.

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